Here are some quotes of Victoria Justice

  • I was watching TV one day, and it was just like some commercial with a kid my age, and I was like, "Mom! Mom! Mom! Mom!" and she came running in, and I was like, "I wanna do that! I wanna be on TV!"
  • Yeah, I would date a fan. I mean, honestly, I would date anyone that's a nice, good, solid person. That has like a good head on their shoulders and is really sweet and like funny. So if a fan had all those qualities then I would definitely not hold back.
  • I like people who can and like to make fun of themselves!
  • It's always nice to go back to my hometown in Florida because that's where my roots are, and the friends and family I have down there don't care about all this [Hollywood] stuff. They love me for who I am, not for what I do. And for me that's an amazing thing.
  • I wasn't always confident. That's something I've grown into and am still working on. I still have so many insecurities that I'm trying to grow out of. These days beauty is something that feels so enforced. All girls, including myself, have to learn to love themselves the way they are.
  • I don't want to have to feel like I have to entertain a guy. You know when you have a good relationship with someone when you are just perfectly happy to be quiet and just hang out and do nothing. I want to be able to go home after work, put on my sweats, wipe off my makeup, and cuddle up with someone who doesn't care and is fine with that.
  • Guys who are charismatic and fun-loving and sweet and generous are the ones I want to date. Good looks are secondary for me -- it's just the icing on the cake.
  • Never let anyone take away your dream!
  • I think there's a perception out there that people know me based on these glamorous photos they see of me in magazines, but I have about two hours of hair and makeup and then people to dress me, to make me look even better, in those pictures. There's really so much more to me than that.